Unlock Serenity: Cosmic Mantra App Delivers Meaningful Chants in 3 Languages, Elevating Mind, Body, and Spirit!


Mantra plays a very important role in our Life. These Mantra’s are energy based sounds derived from Sanskrit language & can create positive vibrations when repeated constantly.With Cosmic Mantra app, Yashi Technoviz Pvt. Ltd. brings four different mantra’s

           Ganesh Atharvashirsha Mantra,
           Mahamrutunjay Beej Mantra,
           Shreesuktam with Beej Mantra,
           Gyanvriddhi Saraswati Mantra(Ganeshji, Shivji, Laxmiji and Saraswatiji)

with animated pictures, Lyrics in Sanskrit, audio by Dr. Mahesh Dashora, Lyrics translation in English and Meaning in three different languages on a single screen.

Cosmic Mantra has a power to eradicate troubles, curing various ailments of body, mind & soul, increases positivity, confidence, concentration and ease financial crises & bring happiness in life.


1. You get the Lyrics in Sanskrit Language, Translation in English, Meaning in English, Hindi and Gujarati, audio along with Animated pictures of God on single page.
2. User can scroll the lyrics or Translation or meaning and audio will automatically seek to that line.
3. Lyrics, Translation and Meaning two finger zoom option is available.
4. Select number of counts you want to listen by selecting number of times(1,11,21,31,51,108).
5. Proper word by word pronunciation of the mantra by Dr. Mahesh Dashora voice.
6. Read the significance of each mantra on Home Page.
7. Every Mantra has different purpose and different positive effect on an individual.©Voice Coypright- SR-2025/2005 by Dr. Mahesh Dashora.

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