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Product Description

This App receive the data from Bluetooth Adaptor which collect all 4 sensor data to Monitor Car tyre’s pressure and temperature in real time.

The APP work in background to make sure the car safety. When the tyre is abnormal and the driver has not seen or deleted the alarm, App will remind of the driver again after a time.

1. Automatic sound and flash alarm within six seconds after abnormal phenomenon appears, such as too high or too low tyre’s pressure or leakage.
2. Automatic sound and flash alarm six seconds after tyre’s temperature becomes too high (exceed 75℃).
3. Temperature Measure Precision:±3℃
4. The waterproof and dustproof sensor can be used under awful condition.
5. The tyre’s pressure monitoring criterion can be customised.
6. The sensor’s battery can be replaced freely. The normal life-span of battery is 1 year. When the capacity remained is insufficient, automatic sound and flash alarm shall remind user to replace the battery in time. (Battery Model No.: CR1632)
7. Pressure measurement range:0-56PSI
8. Pressure Measure Precision:±1.45PSI
9. Sensor is designed as a separate fitting. It can be fixed on the valve, no need to disassemble the tyre when mounting it.
10. User can learn to displace the sensor easily, no need to mount it in procedures.
11. Guard against theft and alarm system is available for sensor.
Suitable for passenger cars, can monitor four wheel-tyres simultaneously.
12. Four options for pressure unit:Kpa, PSI, Bar and Kgf/ cm2
13. Sensors’ operating temperature:-10℃ ~85 ℃
14. Signal Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz
15. Support Bluetooth 4.0 BLE .

1. Monitor Air Leakage, Pressure, Temperature in Real Time.
2. Improve Fuel Efficiency.
3. Improve Tyre’s Life and Safety.

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